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The National Coalition Party is a centre-right people´s party. Its mission is to improve the position and welfare of all individuals and to develop society in a better direction.

The party´s ideals combine freedom, responsibility and democracy, equality of opportunity, education, supportiveness, tolerance and caring. The key elements are the balance between freedom and responsibility and an emphasis on the individual and entrepreneurship. The National Coalition Party supports the development of democracy and citizens’ genuine participation in communal decision-making.

The National Coalition Party’s ideals are determined by an emphasis on the responsibility of local community, supporting people’s ethical values and considerations, and patriotism combined with active internationalization and a sense of global responsibility.

The party is also an active and open reformer. The National Coalition Party is ready to take the initiative to boldly build the future and seek solutions to social problems.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact our secretary in Oulu, Eeva Räsänen By e-mail:

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